Simple Life

I get a little bit sentimental tonight. Most of it I think I miss my late grandfather, embah tok. A man who lived a life given just as it was, did the best he can to survive. His life was simple and he taught me how even after he’d gone. May Allah bless you with a great ‘life’ there embah tok, especially everytime I remember all the beautiful memories of you. Nothing bad at all.

I also believe Quran has a secret way in touching its reader’s heart. I can’t speak Arabic what more understand the higly sophisticated and poetic language of the Quran. Shameful could be but I sometimes touched by some of the ayat. When going through the tafseer, it wil strike me with wonders. If you could feel it, you surely know what I mean. 

Tonight ayat that have touched me were coming from al-‘Araaf, 56-57. 

I feel better these days :)



I Wonder…

I actually have several questions or some views on the work culture at my current workplace.



Sometime I saw several staffs attended a meeting that has nothing to do with them (if indirectly relevant is still okay perhaps the staffs got invited for better idea contributions etc.). However these are the people who really has no relevancy to the topic discussed, meeting agenda or simply their jobs have nothing related to the meeting. Most of these people prolonged their stay from previous meeting or simply ‘visiting’ their friends in the meeting and all of the sudden ‘getting’ themselves involved. Even if they’re ‘wrongly’ got invited, care to speak up and ask permission to leave la kot.

If the meeting has nothing to do with you, shouldn’t you be at a place where your service or ideas are more needed and welcomed, a.k.a at your own workstation? I wonder if you keep on attending meetings, when do you actually do your works? Too many meetings lower productivity but attending meetings which the agenda really not meant for you? What are you trying to achieve actually? (Paling aku geram bila dia pulak sibuk bercakap macam tahu banyak benda lewls then the person who supposed to speak up had to make a stand to realign things so other members wouldn’t get confused by irrelevant points). Spent time listening je pun tak guna gak. Adalah lebih baik kau duduk kat tempat lebih tenang dari memasang telinga yang takde kena mengena dengan kau – at least ni bagi aku lah. Tapi kalau senyap je, okaylah but you know, my mind would still wonder why you’re here in the meeting.


I do not know why but I think trust is so difficult to implement. I believe trust makes things easier, less worrisome, I can be more relax, and it maintains passion to the jobs among employees. So far, I’m using this strategy to my sub teams. I think it works out quite well. Not putting trust blindly on the team members but I like it when we work together and trust each other to finish own job. Some more, I love it when I could learn more this way as my team members are more open to share with me on what they’re good at (openly, without prejudice or any sense of inferior feelings). I trust them, they trust me. We work together and acknowledge each other’s capabilities.

However, this ‘issue’ only happens to certain teams I work with. Particularly if it’s from the top to my level, this is harder. I don’t even think it exists :D Supposed, the higher your position is, the better you are at controlling and giving trust. But it’s still a problem to me at certain level, perhaps I need to try harder. Hence, I cannot deny this lack of trust environment does impacting my drive and decisions. At times, I have to just belasah and prove things harder.

Paling tak boleh bla, ada yang tak suka bila orang question kerja dia seolah-olah dia tak boleh dipercayai tapi bila dia dok sibuk kerja orang lain bagai tak mempercayai orang lain, boleh plakkk.. ekeleh 

‘Immediate Actions’

This rarely happens. People tend to love on having meetings on everything! I think meetings are okay but certain things are urgent, we don’t really need another separate meetings. That’s all.


Most often in meetings (again), no consensus are made. And it’s so difficult to get black and white decisions. I think most decisions require ‘binary’ answers. It’s either you don’t know how to make decisions or you’re unsure or you just simply don’t want to take risk, hence hard to achieve consensus in meetings. Paling besar reason dia, ko tahu ko nak jadik orang penting tapi bila panggil meeting, ko tak datang! pffttt.. 

Treat the Unimportant Important and Vice Versa

This happens all the time. Perhaps you’re too overwhelmed with your routine works and BAUs. You tend to entertain something different than what you are required to do in the first place, more. It’s okay, but prioritisation is the most important thing here although it sounds less important than those plenty of kerja hakiki to be done. Just remember to prioritise.

Unacceptable Excuses

Like you blame some of your country’s YBs and ministers, you don’t want to fall into the same league here. I just received an excuse that I think very very funny today. If you give excuse and you ensure to provide the solution, I’m fine with it. I will try to understand your situation. Totally. Tapi bila ko bagi excuse then ko ‘tai chi’ benda tu kat aku or orang yang tak sepatutnya buat kerja itu (sebab itu memang kerja ko), wth? Should you just telan everything and suffer?


Definitely I have several more points and deliberately I could describe them here but I don’t intend to provoke. Just the situation I’m having now doesn’t allow me to speak up openly. Hence I decided to write them down here. Only those who read would know. I’m pretty sure this isn’t happening at my workplace only, it’s in every organisation. Even the best organisation would face these attitudes. Yes, more or less, it’s related to attitude and culture. Not blaming but this is based on my own experience. I might be part of the list and I need to reflect more for sure.

This is the reason why I always ask for purpose in every single thing I do. I learned that without purpose, it’s hard for me to see the impacts I could contribute to the organisation. Hence work became simply a work without meaning. I don’t want that in my life. But simply having a monologue with myself and reflections have helped me a lot in order to go through.

Okay, I think these thoughts would be enough here. If you happen to read this, I’m inviting you to reflect together-gether.

None of us are perfect but that shouldn’t be an excuse. We’re not made for flaws, for sure.


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