Ikhlas & Cahaya

Aku tahu lately ramai para wanita melangut depan TV sebab drama terbaru Syafiq Kyle dan Amira Rosli, Nur.¬†Yup the drama.. I didn't watch it from the beginning though I just started joining the bandwagon. Kebanyakkan drama memberi kesan kalau dia boleh relate dengan kehidupan realiti. Lagi banyak realistik elemen dalam drama tu, lagi terkesan drama …


Semangat yang Hilang

I have been keeping my words on my own for quite sometime now. I have so many to write and share. But for today, I'll write this only just because I miss blogging soooooooo much! My brain says things my hands lazy typing. Till then. Registered voter, shaqifah. #IniKalilah!

Process, process, process.

Just another opinion. I believe the most crucial part of an IT system development is understanding the business processes that you want to system/automate. Not just understanding them, all the activities are crucial, to collect, gather, and document the whole process into one complete diagram/flow where you can always refer to throughout your project (the …